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Minor Emergencies
Our doctors are trained to manage minor emergencies eg skin wounds & foreign bodies, fractures & dislocations, sports injuries, shortness of breath (e.g asthma attacks), bleeding during pregnancy, mini strokes (TIAs). If it requires hospital care we will start treatment and arrange transfer.

Preventive Medicine & Skin Checks
Regular medical checkups are recommended. This should be done annually for people over forty years. They include checking of blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent heart diseases and strokes, and annual skin checks for skin cancers. An executive health check might also involve an ECG and respiratory function test, urine testing and blood sugar measurement. Other important areas include Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol and Physical Activity and weight lost management.

Childhood Vaccinations: All baby and childhood vaccinations are available free at the practice and recorded on a Federal Government register on weekdays only.

Adult Vaccinations: All adults over 65 and those with chronic illnesses should have influenza and consider Pneumonia or Shingles vaccines.

Hepatitis A and B vaccinations are available at cost to anyone at risk. (Plumbers, Health workers, Educators, etc).

Travel Medicine
When Planning an overseas trip it is important to gain accurate information with regard to immunisations needed for countries being visited, together with preventive advice. Please make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your individual requirements as early as possible (at least 4weeks) in your travel preparations. This is to ensure sufficient time is allowed to receive all the necessary immunisations.

Minor Surgery
The following procedures are performed on site - surgical removal of moles, lumps and bumps, wedge resection of ingrown toe nails, suturing lacerations, removing foreign bodies in eyes or skin, treatment of skin cancers, and treatment of warts and papillomas with liquid nitrogen. All surgical equipment is single use only. Cardiographs (ECG), and respiratory (lung) function tests (spirometry) are also performed.

Child & Adolescent Health
Our doctors have post graduate Diplomas in Child Health and also have special interests in the health of adolescents.
Growth: Measuring and maintaining of children's heights and weights and comparison with percentile charts are available.
Asthma: Management of acute and chronic asthma with measurement of respiratory function (spirometry) is performed. Ventolin pumps are available for acute asthma. Asthma education is also readily available.

We aim to be a youth friendly surgery and committed to caring for our future generation.

Women’s Health & Antenatal Care
Family planning and contraceptive advice (oral contraception, insertion of Implanon) are available.

Menopausal & osteoporosis advice and hormonal replacement therapy (by pill, patch or implant) are provided.

Breast examinations are provided and breast self examination is taught. It is recommended that all women have an annual breast examination by one of the doctors, and examine their own breasts every month. All women over 50 should have a mammogram every two years which can be arranged by your doctor.

The Cervical Screening Test is recommended to all women aged 25-74 and repeated every 5 years if result is normal.

Domestic violence and sexual assaults will be given priority, please inform our practice nurse to the urgency.

Men’s Health
Call it the M-factor, call it maleness, call it what you like – but from infancy onwards, in every age group, males are more likely to die then females” Dr Andrew Pattison – author of M-factor” 2001.

The average life expectancy for males is 76 years and females 81 years. Why? Because men have a significantly greater incidence of medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, accidental death, suicide, obesity, alcoholism, HIV and hypertension.

Occupational Health
Please always inform reception staff when attending for any work related or insurance medical examinations so longer time can be allocated.

Mental Health
Dr Son has a special interest in looking after patient with depression, anxiety, post-natal depression, suicidal risk and provides counselling for those in need. Please inform reception staff if you require counselling. Initial consultation usually requires 45-60min.

Sexual Health
Infertility can be a very distressing and emotional problem for the couple. Normal fertility is defined as “achieving a pregnancy within 2 years of regular sexual intercourse and applies to about 90% of couples. About 50% of normal couples, having unprotected intercourse at least twice a week, will probably achieve pregnancy in 6 months, 80% in 1 year and 90% in 2 years. In assessing a couple with “sub-fertility” it always involves both partners.

Sexual dysfunctions and sexually transmitted infections are common but often patients are too embarrassed to seek help. Feel free to raise any of these issues with your doctor during a routine visit.

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